Soup's On!

The weather is getting a little more “November-y” around here, and the BEANS teens are cooking up some hearty veggie stew with Mendocino County school children.

Making soup is great in so many ways… 1) It’s fun and easy for kids to add all the ingredients to the soup pot; 2) Cooking soup warms up the house and gives it a nice homey aroma; 3) Soups can hold all sorts of ingredients! Whatever’s fresh at the farmers’ market, garden, fridge, or pantry; 4) Kids who are picky can often be “tricked” into eating lots of veggies if they’re puréed and added to soups; and 5) Homemade soup is economical… a great way to feed a family for $2.00 (or less) per serving.

Check out the BEANS recipe for Hearty Vegetable Stew (and others!). Feel free to customize the recipe by adding your favorite herb, pasta, potatoes, or more spice!