It has been an absolute pleasure to work with The Gardens Project, and hear their extraordinary ideas of weaving together the beauty of art, nature, and the many cultures represented within the estate. Each of the team on this amazing project has such skills, and experience – and brings so much to the project, led, by an artist and long-standing estate resident, with such persistent passion and integrity.  Grenfell Projects recognises the depth of support this project has, within the local area –  to help improve the lives of all.
Grenfell Projects

What is there not to love about this beautiful project? Thank you for not putting up with less than your neighbours deserve and for your persistence and hard work in engaging the best designer in the UK, sourcing plants from around the world and planters. This community is going to have the most beautiful garden in Ladbroke Grove.
Portobello Business Centre

… and to all our Crowdfunding supporters, including Caroline Boseley, Damian Rayne, Stuart MacFarlane, Tikva Hill, Rosalyn Brown, Matthew Pottage, Sadie Flanagan, Billy Hill, Sean Harkin, Daphne Traish, Josephine Chanter, Ann Busby, Laurence Shann, Heather Shann, Kate MacFarlane, Maria Stammers, Layla Issaka, Gillian Fisher, Carrie Myers, Sam Gleaves, Sheila Pottage, Srima Athureliya, Richard Walker, FAT Recruitment, Christina Burr, Andrew Pottage, Joanne Riggall, Myles Irvine, Susanna Speirs, Kishan Athureliya, Billy Mavropoulos, Caroline Crook, Will Clements, Miranda MacFarlane, Amy Irving, Eleanor Monk, Hugo Glendinning, Callum Horn, Theresa Fraher, Paris Pantelis, Panos Papadopoulos, Georgio Ntontos, and all those wishing to stay anonymous – thank you for your love.